How to make moving easier: 10 tips from professional Long-Distance Movers

If you’re in the process of moving around the country, chances are you’re feeling a bit stressed. Between moving all your belongings and planning your transportation, it can be hard to know where to start. So how do you make moving easier? We have created this ten tips list from the experts. With these tips below, you can carry through your moving a lot easier, as well as a lot less stressful. So please keep reading and also get ready for the next great experience!

# 1 The first step is to create a detailed checklist

Moving can be a very stressful time. There are many things and subjects to pay attention to. It can be challenging to know where to start. One option to help make the process less complicated is to create an exhaustive to-do list to ensure your step goes as smoothly as possible. 

Do you need guidance on making moving less complicated before you start packing? Start planning is the best idea. Make a checklist of all activities that need to be done. Doing this will allow you to monitor your moving progress and focus on the task at hand. No matter how small it seems, be sure to make it all up because once in a while, people quickly neglect one of the most obvious things, like updating an address or chargers.

# 2 Hire the best white glove shipping company

Let’s face it – packing up your personal life and moving it to a new location can’t be simple, so why try to do it alone? Hiring a long-distance moving company will speed up the moving and significantly reduce stress levels. 

However, it takes some research to find reliable white glove moving companies that will certainly handle your transfer efficiently. Look for movers online, and also make sure to check credentials and reviews for your best options. Choose a moving business that is accredited, fully licensed, and fraud-free.

Ensure your list has a budget section.

Topics such as reducing moving costs come to mind when planning to move to another city. The decision will, of course, depend on many variables, including where you are going, the amount of stuff you have, the white glove transportation service you use, and the period. That’s why one of your initial options should be related to your moving expenses plan. Make a checklist of all possible moving expenses. It will be easy to control your expenses, cut costs a little and save money once all the little things are on paper.

# 3 Have a packaging strategy

Do you intend to do everything yourself? Because if you do, one of the essential packaging suggestions is to create the robust and smart packaging plan you need. Compiling a supply list will help you determine the number of boxes, paper, and other supplies you need after you have gone through everything.

Next, you will need to develop a packaging strategy. This strategy will help you be organized and keep up with the packing process. Start by making a checklist of all the rooms in your home and what to pack. After that, focus on what items are essential to you and pack them immediately.

Also, pay attention to whether any large furniture needs to be disassembled. Consider packing order once you have something in theory. Start with things you won’t necessarily need during your moving and put them away, then move on to the requirements of each location.

Get organized before you start packing. It’s hard to say precisely how much easier it will be to move if you arrange your belongings and take, reuse, or offer what you don’t need rather than bring it to your new home. While this is a considerable task, these guidelines can help you complete it.

# 4 Get a variety of packaging materials

There are many different loading products that you will need to move your items from one place to another without being broken. Depending on your moving things, you may need other packing materials to ensure they are appropriately protected during transit. Below is the list of the most commonly used packing materials you will need for your moving:

Boxes are an essential packaging material for any step. They can be found in different sizes and can be used to pack just about anything. Be sure to purchase multiple boxes of different sizes to make sure you can adequately fit each of your items.

Bubble wrap is a great way to guard fragile items during moving. It can also be used to fill any empty spaces in boxes.

Packing peanuts can be used to fill any gaps in boxes, as well as to protect fragile items from damage during transit.

Tape is required to seal all of your boxes. Be sure to purchase premium tape to ensure your packages aren’t opened during transit.

These are just some of the essential packing materials you will need. Be sure to get every little thing you need before starting the packing process to ensure your step goes smoothly.

# 5 Label everything you pack

Make sure you label everything you pack when you hand it over. This will undoubtedly help you track your belongings and ensure they reach your new home safely. Use a marker to categorize each box with its contents and your name. You can optionally use labels to mark areas where the boxes should go in the new place. Such a simple action will save you a lot of time and the inconvenience of unloading after the moving.

If you have essential items, you may want to consider taking out an insurance policy for them. This will protect your personal belongings in case they are lost or damaged during the moving. Talk to your moving company about your needed coverage and get a quote.

# 6 Set aside your bag of essentials

Nothing is worse than understanding that you forgot something vital on moving day. To prevent this complicated scenario, reserve a bag with all the essentials you’ll need to get through the day. This bag should have items such as a phone charger, toiletries, snacks and drinks, some extra clothes, and any medications you might need. When you know everything you need in one place, you can concentrate on your work and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

# 7 Schedule utility transfer

As your moving date approaches, you will need to move utilities into your new home. This includes electricity, gas, water, sewer, garbage, and maybe TV and network services. Depending on the place you are located, you may be able to bring some or all of these services online. However, often you will need to contact each company individually to find a solution for your new home.

To make the process straightforward and smooth, starting it as early as possible is recommended. Start by listing all the utilities you will need to move. Then, research the most effective ways to contact each company and collect critical information such as your new address and the start date of the moving.

# 8 Prepare your home for the White Glove Moving

By taking some standard security precautions and making simple moving preparations, you can help ensure your home is ready to move in when the time comes. One of the most effective moving day ideas is to start by making sure all loosened products are protected. This includes items such as trinkets, vases, and photo frames. Anything that could fall off a shelf or table should be safely handled or put away in a box.

The next stage in preparing your home is to clean up any remaining clutter. The last thing you want is for movers to take care of a bunch of extra stuff they must carry around. So, take the time to test your home and remove all unnecessary things from the house.

Protect your floors with cardboard or other materials to protect them from scratches and scuffs during steps. Also, ensure you take apart all appliances and prepare your electronic devices. This includes points such as a TV, a computer, and also a stereo system.

Finally, there is the pet strategy. If you are moving with animals, you will need to arrange for them on the day of the moving. This may include finding a close friend or family member who can see them or set them to stay in a pet rest service. Your doggy needs to have some fun while you do important work.

# 9 Cleaning up after everything is loaded onto the truck

After everything is loaded into the vehicle, it is necessary to put the arranged mess in order. This includes sweeping and cleaning the floor, cleaning up any spills, and destroying any devices or devices used. Moving can be messy, so it’s important to take the time to clean up after you moving – particularly given that you will sell your home or refurbish it for future tenants.

# 10 Complete the final walkthrough and then hit the road

Now when you know how to make moving more straightforward, it’s finally time to move straight into your new home. Congratulations! The final inspection is usually done on closing day or a day or two before to give you a chance to make sure everything in the house is in perfect working order and any repair that was agreed upon has been completed. When the problem with the place of residence is resolved, it’s time to put your things in order and hit the road!



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Jackie CheyneJackie Cheyne
01:57 21 Nov 22
Bravo Moving's team did an excellent job moving our items from storage to our new home in another state. The four movers were professional, friendly and hardworking. All of our items made it through the move with no damage. We really appreciate how the company met our needs and would recommend them highly.
Nathan BrownNathan Brown
15:41 12 Nov 22
I have used Bravo Moving Services for a couple times and have had a great experience both time. They were on time, friendly, attentive, hard working and efficient. Reasonable and competitive price. They took care of my furniture and I had zero damage. I would recommend to anyone with big or small move. Great job. Thank you very very much guys!!!!
Conor HallConor Hall
14:19 10 Nov 22
This was by far the best experience we've ever had with movers. They were on time, professional, and had a wonderful attitude. They packed our better than you can imagine and were super efficient. Highly recommend Bravo Moving Company!
Peter TurnerPeter Turner
13:07 10 Nov 22
Bravo excellent movers! Their movers performed an outstanding job; they worked really well together and were quite fast and efficient. They were both incredibly professional and courteous, and they never complained! The pricing was also quite reasonable. I was really satisfied and will absolutely use this business again! Thank you once again for a wonderful, stress-free relocation.
Aimee BeeleyAimee Beeley
01:37 27 Nov 21
Bravo Moving is a trustworthy, affordable, and professional moving company. Ali was able to answer all my question and help me make a difficult time so much easier by handling my long distance move. I highly recommend this company and my extended family will be using Bravo in the near future. Don’t waste your time with other companies, call Bravo Moving.

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