Moving to a different state successfully requires more than just looking for the best moving companies in Southern California. Not only you’re moving miles away, but you also need to deal with a mountain of paperwork. That’s why knowing which important documents to take when moving across the country can help you with the relocation process. To make sorting through your files easier, here’s a list of necessary documents you’ll need to bring with you.

Safety things to consider before moving

Remember that businesses like credit card companies, car dealerships, merchants, and others frequently send out letters. If these papers contain any personal information, and you throw them out when moving, an identity thief can get quite fortunate. Therefore, to stop the information from falling into the wrong hands, shred outdated documents rather than merely throw them away.

Shreded documents with confidential information

To prevent identity thieves from using your information for fraudulent purposes, shred any outdated documents.

Reliable movers and packers Glendale CA always recommend taking extra measures to protect your personal information during the move. However, for liability reasons, residential movers can’t handle your documents during the cross-country move. That means it’s up to you to consider where your birth certificate, passport, credentials, financial records, and other documents might be. Make sure they are always with you and avoid leaving them in full view of other people. That being said, it’d be best if you put them in a secure binder or a file folder.

Personal identification papers are some of the important documents to take when moving across the country

As long distance movers California advise – personal documents are the first thing people need to pack for a relocation. However, it’s not only your social security card you’ll need to take to another state. Among other documents, you must also bring along:

  • Birth certificates for you and your family
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificates (if you have any), as well as death certificates
  • Custody and divorce papers
  • Visas and immigration papers (if applicable)
  • Any diplomas, academic transcripts, and professional licenses you have
  • National insurance cards and military records

Also, don’t forget to bring your passport in case you will be traveling, as obtaining a new one costs money and takes some time. If you’re relocating for work, your new employer may require a copy of your ID to verify your citizenship. 

Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license and car records either

You should let cross country moving companies in California take care of the long distance transfer of your items. However, even though they’ll do the driving for you, make sure to bring your driver’s license on a moving day. Not only will you need it in your new place or residence, but your driver’s license will also have other purposes. For example, when setting up utility services at your new home, you’ll probably be asked for your driver’s license number.

Car insurance policy is among the important documents to take when moving across the country

A car insurance policy is one of the documents you’ll need to set up your new life across the country

Moreover, since you’re moving across state lines, you’ll also need to bring along your car’s title and insurance policy. That’s because you’ll need it to switch your vehicle’s registration from one state to another. If you intend to sell your car, you will also require the title to transfer ownership to a new owner. Finally, sooner or later you’ll need to update your car registration, so make sure to bring that document as well. 

Medical records are also on the list of important documents to take when moving across the country

Since you’ll don’t know whether you’ll get sick during moving, it’s necessary to have your important medical records within reach. Even if you are in good health, it’s advisable to get in touch with a local doctor after you relocate. And if you’re moving with your family, you’ll also need to keep your children’s medical and immunization documents on hand. After all, your children will need to give those documents to their new schools so they can enroll there.

Additionally, if you have a pet, remember to bring their vet records as well! If the records you have aren’t current, make a pre-move appointment with the vet to get your pet’s most recent records. Meanwhile, depending on the state you’re moving to, perhaps your pet will need additional papers and vaccines.

Financial and legal documents you should have within reach on a moving day

Before moving, make sure to get checks with your new residential address on them. After all, many service providers still want payment by check or cash, so you’ll need them sooner than you think. Also, bring any investment documents you may have, and tax receipts.

Tax forms to bring along

Tax documents might be useful, so make sure to bring them as well

Among important financial documents you must bring across the country are debit and credit card receipts, and bank statements. These are some of the documents you might need to show proof of your residency. However, make sure to take only more recent ones, and safely discard the ones that date years ago. Finally, legal documents such as wills, and power of attorney papers, are equally important to take with you.

You’ll also need to take moving documents with you

Of course, you shouldn’t forget that every move involves a significant amount of paperwork. Even after your relocation is over, you should bring and keep certain moving-related papers. Not all of them are important, but keep the Bill of Lading, additional contracts between you and your mover, and receipts.

As you already know, making moving checklists and plans is one of the most important steps in the relocation process. And keeping track of important documents to take when moving across the country will make planning much easier. However, remember that you’ll have to change some of the aforementioned documents as a result of the house move.



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