Forecasts regarding international moving trends for 2023 are rather optimistic. It is expected that more people will move to other countries during 2023. The reasons for this are different. But, it mostly has to do with the possibilities of remote working and the US real estate market. We are all aware that real estate prices have skyrocketed. Also, mortgage interest rates have increased a lot. According to forecasts, they will remain at the present level throughout 2023, if they don’t go up further. So, that makes buying real estate in the US even harder. Those not tied to a workplace are looking for more affordable destinations. And who can better organize such a move than one of the best moving companies in Southern California?

What type of moving to expect to grow in 2023?

Predicting the moving trends in 2023 is not so easy. Actually, during the pandemic, people were moving even more. Most of them were moving to suburban areas or smaller towns. However, we now have a rather different situation. Mortgage interest rates went from 3% to 6% – or even 7%. So, people can hardly afford to buy property. At the same time, due to inflation, the prices generally went up. And, the moving industry was not spared either. The price of gas dictated the increase in moving costs too. 

White Airplane Reflection on Car Side Mirror - International moving trends for 2023

It is expected that many people will move to other countries due to economic circumstances.

But the situation is not as bleak, as it looks at the first glance. People do continue to move in search of better jobs. Or to places with lower living costs. The bottom line, the predictions are that there won’t be so much local moving. But, companies organizing international relocations can expect a larger number of moving requests. The international movers California offers have already started to get them a lot.

Local and long distance moving

When it comes to local moving, we can still expect some. Namely, it has been noted that people from big cities are moving to smaller places. Many are even moving to farmlands. So, this can be expected as one of the moving trends. Although, it will not be so higher as international moving trends for 2023. Or as long distance moves, for relocating to more affordable living places.

Automation in the moving process

During the Covid time, many companies faced certain problems, such as:

  • shortage of people
  • missing moving supplies due to disruption in the supply chains
  • inability to visit the customer for an inventory check

So, the moving companies were forced to introduce automation. Namely, instead of going into clients’ homes, they’ve shifted to assessing the costs using video calls. The bottom line, the videos showed a high value. If they had some doubts, they could just replay the video. Such good results made the other movers start introducing this novelty.

International moving trends for 2023

As we could see, international moving trends for 2023 are on the rise. We have also established the main reasons for moving internationally. But, let us now get a more detailed picture. So, who are the people moving internationally? To get the answer, we gave a get in touch with professionals that provide moving services in California. And, we have learned that those who move the most are:

  1. expats retirees
  2. digital nomads
  3. individuals and families looking for more affordable living conditions
  4. citizens returning to their country of origin
  5. military personnel deployed to other countries
Elderly People having a Get-Together.

Expat retirees often enjoy Portugal.

Retiring outside the US

Some US citizens decide to retire outside the US. That is due to lower costs of living and a better climate. They are usually moving to:

  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • Portugal
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Ecuador
  • Uruguay

Where do the digital nomads go?

When it comes to digital nomads, they relocate worldwide. Most of them don’t have just one country in mind. What they usually love is the freedom to travel from place to place. And, by working remotely, they can afford such a lifestyle.

Individuals and people with families

One more category is even individuals or people with families. They are moving abroad due to a better housing market. They are usually moving to Australia, Mexico, or one of the European countries. The influx of US homebuyers is especially notable in some European countries. Most of them are looking for a home in Portugal and Spain The reasons are the nice weather and the lower cost of living. The prediction is that the trend may increase during 2023. 

Citizens returning to their country of origin

This is one more group of people leaving the US, that have even retired and going to join their families back home. Or, the economy in their countries is presently doing better than the one in the US.

Active military personnel

This last group is actually not moving due to economic reasons. They are being redeployed, which is a part of normal military life. So, predictions are that this group will not expand in 2023.

Anonymous tourists showing US passports on street on a sunny day.

If you are not sure what to bring along, consult with your movers.

The way of organizing the international move

This will basically depend on where the customers want to go. And, what they want to take along. For example, digital nomads may easily go with a bigger backpack and a laptop. However, others may have more demands. For example, they may ask for:

  • the move of personal belongings
  • furniture shipments
  • car and boat relocation

One thing is for sure. International relocation can’t be a DIY project. Not only that your items have to be packed properly – it takes a lot of planning and preparation. So, the best that you can do is to hire movers and packers Glendale provides. Packed the right way, your belongings will withstand the complicated international moving processes. Besides, reliable international movers will know everything related to the documents that you have to prepare. Otherwise, you may face a lot of problems at customs.

Documents that you will need when moving abroad

In this article, we could see the international moving trends for 2023. In case you are one of those considering trying your luck somewhere else, make sure you have all the necessary documents with you. The moving company will take care of the customs. They will also prepare all that is needed for your belongings, car, and boat to be shipped to the country of your choice. However, you will need many personal documents. If you are not sure what to bring along, consult with your movers. They know, and they will give you valuable advice.





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