When you’re moving, you are bound to have a lot of worries, and it may happen that you sometimes do not remember about your animals. However, you must know that your good furry friends are compassionate to change. These moving day tips will significantly reduce the anxiety pets experience during moving and make preparing for their moving much more manageable.

How exactly can I make moving day easier? Here are some general moving day tips for pets. According to some studies, pets often experience more anxiety and stress than humans. You will certainly be preoccupied with questions such as exactly how to start the task of moving from one house to another or evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of moving to another place. Simply put, you can easily forget about your furry buddies. Here are some helpful moving day tips that apply to all types of pets:

Keep Animals Away From Packaging

Once you have hired a long-distance moving company, you must set aside a safe place for your pets when packing begins. There will be cross-country movers going through your location, and there will undoubtedly be a lot of noise, especially when moving furniture. Pets tend to experience a lot of stress and anxiety during these changes in the environment they have been using. Your best bet is to either pack one room before rest and leave them there or find someone to take care of them.

Prepare the Basics Pack

A bag with all the necessary toiletries, clothes, and utensils is considered an essential means of transportation for every family member, including animals. Don’t neglect packing your pet supplies for at least a couple of days, which is how long it usually takes to unpack after an event.

Load Pet Containers Last

Our beloved furry friends may have more sleep problems than we do. In the long run, one of the most effective move-in day ideas is to set up new accommodation as quickly as possible, so they feel comfortable. An excellent suggestion is to ask a moving company to fill their products last. This means that they will be unloaded first, and you will have the opportunity to quickly arrange their place in a new house or apartment.

Notify the veterinarian

When moving to another state, you must notify all providers and organizations, transfer utilities, terminate all subscriptions, and as a pet owner, you must not ignore the veterinarian. To begin with, your veterinary facility must pass on all medical information to you, which will then be passed on to the new veterinarian. Still, more importantly, the veterinarian will provide you with beneficial information on how to make transporting your furry friends easier.

Get all the necessary documents

States need pet licenses (this is especially important if you are moving with pets). Hence, don’t forget to take care of this when organizing your important files. Otherwise, unnecessary fines are bound to arise.

Choose your shipping method before movers pack your items

When you are about to move to another city with furry buddies, you have to decide which vehicle is one of the most suitable:

Traveling with your pet is a beautiful experience, but you must invest a lot in gas, so make sure it fits in with your moving expenses plan.

Vehicle. This is likely the most efficient approach, given that you will be together throughout the journey. Of course, you must prepare your car correctly, but don’t neglect the road prices.

Traveling with your pet is a beautiful experience, but you must invest a lot in gas, so make sure it fits in with your moving expenses plan.

Airplane. Perhaps this is the most reliable way to move. Airlines have special pet rules, so you’ll have to know all the little things. Depending on the pet size, it will most likely be placed in a separate shipping section, but all that matters is that it arrives quickly. Therefore, if you are moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, this mode of transport is probably the best. 

Animal carriers. In addition to long-distance transport solutions, experienced crews are dedicated to transporting pets only. You will need to provide the animal carrier with all the necessary information, especially if your furry buddy is undergoing treatment or has any particular problem. All these people are experts, and you have nothing to worry about. Still, you will be separated for a long time, which is undesirable for some individuals.

As soon as you begin to gather in a new place, the dogs will immediately feel the change.

Pets are pretty attached to the house, and once you start organizing the moving, they are sure to see a makeover going on. Below you can find some tips/recommendations to help your pet deal with anxiety:

Domestic dogs have an incredible ability to show compassion. If you offer high stress and anxiety levels, your dog will immediately sense something is wrong. For this reason, ask yourself, “How can I stay calm on moving day?” be sure to read the various life hacks and relocation suggestions online. Moving can be complicated, but don’t panic.

Once you’ve decided where to live, you’ll likely want to go there and evaluate neighborhoods or houses, as well as an apartment or condo, while looking for a place to live. It’s a great idea to bring your beloved pet with you. If the site is not too far away, it is advisable to take the pet to the neighborhood at least a couple of times to help with the adaptation process. However, a one-off will suffice if you’re trying to save money.

Try to keep your old ways of feeding, playing, and walking while moving. We understand that this is difficult as the transfer process is lengthy, but you will certainly help your pet by doing this.

Introduce your pet to the container, especially if you are likely to fly or work with particular companies. Ideally, the container should be received at least a month before the moving. You should provide it with your dog’s favorite covers and toys and leave it open at all times.

Traveling together with your beloved dog is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have when moving.

Cats are highly territorial, and moving makes them anxious.

Of all the household pets, domestic cats may endure the most stressful moves. Here are some essential things you should take as a cat owner to reduce stress as much as possible:

Dogs get used to the travel container in principle quickly. But cats are a different story. You probably learned how your house cat handles containers when you took her to the vet. Cats don’t like containers and need a lot of time to get used to them. When compiling a checklist for moving to another state, the item “receiving a container” should be at the very top. It should be furnished with preferred items and always be open. A great strategy is to put food closer to the container weekly until you place it inside. This method usually works with the most nervous house cats as well.

Cats do not necessarily need to be separated from the moving process. We all know their intense passion for boxes, as when moving, there will be many of them all over your house. If you see your house cat showing nervousness and acting strangely, take some toys and place them around the boxes and let her explore. You can even take catnip and aerosol cans, which will excite your cat. Don’t forget to offer your cats boxes that aren’t required because cats love to bite and scratch a lot.

Reduce the number of meals you eat while traveling. If you drive a car or truck, provide small portions regularly. No matter how accustomed your pet is, they will still experience stress in a container, and offering large meals can make them sick.

If you’re asking yourself, “How to pack for a rush move,” know that last-minute moving is not the best for cats. Unexpectedly placing a cat in a container when you lock the house door will seriously injure your good furry friend.

Our dogs and cats are some of the most popular but not the only pets a person can have.

Whatever animal you have as a pet, you need to ask yourself what you should do the day before you move in when moving with it. Below are some basic guidelines for moving with different types of animals:


Usually, the most efficient modes of transport are by car or plane. There are special bird transport companies that minimize the impact of turbulence. Birds should not be exposed to sweltering heat or strong sunlight. Cover the cage with something to keep sunlight out if you travel by car. The car must also be constantly air-conditioned but at the request of your bird.


When traveling with a hamster, you should have a plentiful supply of food and give your little hairy friend small meals at regular times. There are also specially designed hamster cages, but you can use a standard cage if it suits you. Creating a supposed “hideout” is an excellent idea if you’re buying a mobile cage. Make a small case out of some soft material your hamster can climb into. This provides a lot of comfort for these pets. Finally, if you drive a car, try to protect the cage as high as possible from sudden bumps.


Depending on the number and types of fish, you will need to get various plastic bags or containers. If you have larger fish species, you can also use containers. The trick is to use water from the aquarium. In this case, the fish will feel much more comfortable. If you are using fish bags, you will need an extra sturdy container to hold all the bags in.

When deciding to move, take care of your pets’ needs first, and then think about everything else.

Animals are living beings with feelings and solid psychological bonds with their owners, so always keep that in mind. Before choosing long-distance moving services and thinking about what you don’t need to bring with you when you move, take care of your furry buddies. Both of you are starting a journey; if one endures, the other will also experience unnecessary anxiety.



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