Most myths are connected with history, from the very beginning of the world. Today, myths in most cases represent a belief based on a set of stories and information that explain things around us. But what about myths in the case of moving? Are there any myths related to moving, packing, boxes, storage, moving company, etc.? You may often hear that moving is always a stressful experience, expensive, difficult, and challenging. These are just some of the myths about moving. Myths like these can get you stuck. And that’s why we at Bravo Moving company reveal to you the top 10 myths about moving debunked. Take a look and convince yourself!

What are the myths about moving debunked?

Myths mainly originate from society and in most cases are related to culture, history, etc. If you go back to research the history of the moving industry, you will come across many stories, tips, and things that are unexplained. That’s why it’s time to familiarize yourself with the real truth and expose all the myths about moving, which can scare you in some situations.

A girl who thinks about moving myths debunked.

Believing in moving myths is like believing in unicorns. So, will you believe it?

Myths about moving

  1. Every moving company is the same
  2. You do all the work by yourself
  3. DIY move is the cheapest option
  4. Online quotes are accurate
  5. Your inventory will be damaged
  6. All reviews are fake
  7. You must move everything on the same day
  8. Moving is an expensive and demanding process
  9. Skip sorting because you’re wasting time
  10. Use anything for packing

These are just some of the myths you may hear when discussing moving or browsing the internet. Because the appearance of such myths that confuse people is becoming more and more frequent, it’s time to debunk them!

Every moving company is the same

Every moving company in the moving industry does the same job, that’s right. But not every company is the same! Believing that every moving company is the same and that each one offers the same possibilities, most often leads people to be scammed, make the wrong choice, pay more than they should, or get stuck. What is true is that each moving company has a different business policy, as well as a different way of providing moving services. For example, some companies offer options for international movers in California, and some don’t. That can be the difference. That’s why it’s best to find your moving company exclusively based on your needs.

Also, based on data from Statista, as of 2022, there are approximately 18,500 moving companies in the USA.

Van from moving company and man

Moving companies aren’t a myth but the truth, and they are at your disposal.

All the work is on you – One of the biggest myths about moving

The biggest myth about moving is that you have to do everything by yourself. Of course, there are some tasks that are up to you. But people generally think of packing, loading, unloading, and more. This can be intimidating and cause people to give up. But if you have to do everything by yourself, then why do moving companies exist? Especially when it comes to commercial moving – imagine doing all the work by yourself!  It could take you forever to finish it. That’s exactly why moving companies exist. By hiring professional movers, you will make it easier for yourself, and therefore all the work is taken over by them.

Why a moving company when you can do it by yourself?

People believe that DIY move is the cheapest option. And you may hear from your neighbors or friends, “Why do you need a moving company when you can do it yourself?” Someone may convince you of this, but often as a consequence, you will likely be stuck. Therefore, to be able to do everything yourself is MYTH, just like that DIY move is the cheapest option. With a well-planned budget and with local moving services your local move can cost up to $2,000, while DIY moving mistakes can cost you much more.

Are online moving quotes always accurate?

Online moving quotes will give you the most accurate information about your move. This is an absolute myth. Because most of the moving quotes you request online are non-binding, but your costs may be higher in the end. If you decide on online moving quotes, be careful and make sure to see into a binding moving quote, because it will be the most precise offer. You have to be especially careful when using long distance movers in CA, because long distance moving has a higher price compared to a local move. A long distance move can cost up to $10,000, and it’s important to have the right company by your side to avoid any possible scams.

Girl think about moving quotes

Think before you decide on online moving quotes, and choose a binding estimate!

Your belongings will be damaged – One of the moving myths that must be debunked

A DIY move carries with it great risks of damage. But, regardless of that, you will often be able to hear or read that after the move, your belongings will be damaged. This is one of the myths that worries people the most, and which must be exposed immediately. If you move with professionals, your belongings will be in safe hands. This means they are trained to handle your belongings, pack them and move them carefully. So, whether you use residential moving services or others, all your things will be moved carefully, and in the safest way. No need to worry!

Don’t believe moving reviews, they are fake!

“Moving reviews are fake, moving reviews aren’t important, don’t believe them, don’t waste your time reading them…” These are also moving myths that must be debunked! Moving reviews will give you the best picture of the moving company you are interested in. Comments, recommendations, and reviews will best help you understand the company’s operations. But, unfortunately, there are moving reviews that are fake, and it’s not a myth. But what you need to know is how to recognize them.

You must move everything on the same day

Most people fall into the trap when they think they have to move everything in 1 day. And that is an absolute myth. If you try to move everything on the same day, you will experience a lot of stress. Because, for example, it’s almost impossible to move all things from a three-room or four-room apartment to another in just 1 day. This matter will depend exclusively on the agreement with your moving company. And the moving company will always suggest storage service as an ideal solution. That is why it’s very important to make a deal with your moving company!

A man who is tired of moving because he believed in moving myths

One of the moving myths debunked is that you have to move everything on the same day because in some situations it’s almost an impossible mission!

Moving is an expensive and tiring process – Give it up!

No, no, and no! “Moving will cost you a fortune, moving is hard work, a tiring process…” This really doesn’t have to be the case. When it comes to the cost of moving, it depends on the distance, for example, interstate movers California provides can cost you around $4,800. Of course, with a well-planned budget, your move can cost up to 20% less. Also, it’s a myth that moving is the most difficult experience. It can be stressful, but it can never be too difficult. If you have professional help by your side, everything goes simpler and faster.

Sorting things is a waste of time!

Why sort things when you can simply pack all the things from your home? First of all, this is a big mistake. Packing absolutely everything from your home is actually a waste of time. Because why should you pack something you don’t need, something you don’t use anymore?

Sorting things is an additional task in the packing process, but it will not only shorten the time that packing can take, but it will also help you get rid of things you don’t need and thus save money. Especially when the moving is charged depending on the number and quantity of things you are moving. Sorting things is even necessary when it comes to moving seniors. Then senior moving services cover all the physical tasks expected of the oldest during their move. So, put sorting on your to-do list!

You can use anything for packing

By buying packing and moving supplies, you will spend money unnecessarily. Avoid that and use anything from your home for packing.

This is an absolute myth! Using “anything from your home” to pack your belongings will reduce their safety during transport and increase the possibility of damage, which can be more expensive than the necessary packing supplies. It’s okay to use suitcases for your personal belongings and clothes. But for packing dishes, decorative objects, antiques, and electrical devices, you must use adequate packaging. So don’t improvise!

Packed moving boxes and suitcase

For packing for moving or storage, use only packing supplies intended for that!

Don’t believe all the myths about moving!

About 28 million people move to the US every year. Imagine if everyone believed in the myths about moving. We believe that then everyone would move alone, which would lead to a major collapse on the roads, and in buildings, and that many people would give up when they encountered the first obstacle. But what you mustn’t do is give up. Also, one of the myths about moving debunked is that moving is an expensive experience. And that is the main myth of this text. So, with a good plan, you can move on the budget. And in the end, don’t believe in myths, just like you don’t believe in fairy tales!





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Jackie CheyneJackie Cheyne
01:57 21 Nov 22
Bravo Moving's team did an excellent job moving our items from storage to our new home in another state. The four movers were professional, friendly and hardworking. All of our items made it through the move with no damage. We really appreciate how the company met our needs and would recommend them highly.
Nathan BrownNathan Brown
15:41 12 Nov 22
I have used Bravo Moving Services for a couple times and have had a great experience both time. They were on time, friendly, attentive, hard working and efficient. Reasonable and competitive price. They took care of my furniture and I had zero damage. I would recommend to anyone with big or small move. Great job. Thank you very very much guys!!!!
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This was by far the best experience we've ever had with movers. They were on time, professional, and had a wonderful attitude. They packed our better than you can imagine and were super efficient. Highly recommend Bravo Moving Company!
Peter TurnerPeter Turner
13:07 10 Nov 22
Bravo excellent movers! Their movers performed an outstanding job; they worked really well together and were quite fast and efficient. They were both incredibly professional and courteous, and they never complained! The pricing was also quite reasonable. I was really satisfied and will absolutely use this business again! Thank you once again for a wonderful, stress-free relocation.
Aimee BeeleyAimee Beeley
01:37 27 Nov 21
Bravo Moving is a trustworthy, affordable, and professional moving company. Ali was able to answer all my question and help me make a difficult time so much easier by handling my long distance move. I highly recommend this company and my extended family will be using Bravo in the near future. Don’t waste your time with other companies, call Bravo Moving.

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