The United States of America is a large country with so many beautiful places to live. So, if you are thinking about continuing your life in a location different from the one you live in now, it would be wise to do your homework before making the final choice. As one of the top-rated moving companies in the country, here at Bravo Moving, we have seen it all. We have witnessed people being delighted with their planned move and the choice of place. On the other hand, we have also been in touch with the people who had to relocate due to unforeseen circumstances to places that would otherwise not have been their first choice. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to find out as much as you can about your possible destinations. Today, we will look at some of the best family-friendly Los Angeles neighborhoods.

What are the top family-friendly Los Angeles neighborhoods?

There is a lot of information that you ought to find out today. Therefore, let’s not waste anyone’s time. Instead, let’s dive right into the heart of things. These are the top 8 family-friendly Los Angeles neighborhoods where moving companies Los Angeles County has to offer can help you relocate to:

  1. La Cañada Flintridge
  2. South Pasadena
  3. Manhattan Beach
  4. Ladera Ranch
  5. Rolling Hills
  6. Santa Monica
  7. Irvine
  8. Palos Verdes Estates

Are you interested to find out why they are the best? Keep on reading then!

a happy family

If you carefully choose the place to move to, your family will be happy

La Cañada Flintridge tops our list of the most family-friendly Los Angeles neighborhoods

Alright, we are going to hit it off with what we would consider the most family-friendly place in LA – La Cañada Flintridge.

The reason for which we keep it in such high regard is not one. First of all, it is one of the suburbs in LA with the best selection of public schools. For all of you who looking into available long distance movers Los Angeles has to offer and planning on moving here with kids, this is going to be very important. The sheer fact that your kids would not have to travel to a different part of the city just to receive proper education should be a reason to consider moving here.

Apart from education, this is a very diverse community that offers plenty of nightlife options as well as ideas for spending time outside during the day. Ultimately, it is also one of the safest suburbs in LA.

South Pasadena wins the second place on our list

Moving on to the second place on the list. Here, we find one of the prominent suburbs of Los Angeles, South Pasadena. 

In terms of quality of life, South Pasadena does not lag that much behind the previous option we mentioned. However, the reason for it not winning the first place lies in the fact that it is a pretty costly place to live in. More costly enough to be placed second on the list.

Family-Friendly Los Angeles Neighborhoods have good selection of schools

Move to a part of the city that is going to enable your kids to access quality education

Manhattan Beach

In the case that you have thought that you would need to move to the East Coast in order to reside in Manhattan, think again. California has its own Manhattan to offer. For all of you looking to hire Glendale movers to relocate to Manhattan Beach, let us point out that moving here is a good decision. Still, you should be mindful of the crime rate. It is a bit higher here than in the previous suburbs on our list.

Ladera Ranch

If you are looking to move to a suburb with plenty of homeowners, then Ladera Ranch is the one for you. This community of about 25,000 people is considered one of the best places in California to live. It is diverse and has plenty of parks to spend your free time in. Residents are considered to be of liberal thinking and public schools are of high quality.

Rolling Hills is next 

A rather small community, Rolling Hils has no more than 1,500 residents. Unlike other mentioned places, Rolling Hill offers its residents a rural feel, something not many people can feel living in LA. Being situated right at the coast, there are many things you might want to do here. One of them could be paying a visit to USS Iowa, a mighty war ship that is going to keep your kids engaged at every step.

an ocean marina

Living on the cost comes with plenty of perks

Santa Monica does not require a lot of explaining

Why Santa Monica is one of the best places for families in LA does not really require a lot of explaining. After all, this is definitely one of the most famous parts of LA. It is a rather large suburb of about 91,000 people! A town of its own basically! This is a rather youthful place to live it. It attracts young professionals, with or without families. So, in case you are looking for a place to meet new people, this is definitely the one.

Irvine, CA has a spot on our list of family-friendly Los Angeles neighborhoods

While a city of its own with almost 300,000 residents, some might consider Irvine, CA as an LA suburb. However, it does belong to the LA metro area. Therefore, it surely has a spot on our list.

This master-planned city lies in Orange County. Its residents have moderate political views, while the city offers a mix of an urban and suburban feel. Definitely, a place you will want to consider.

Palos Verdes – the number eight on the list

Finally, we reach the last spot on our list of family-friendly Los Angeles neighborhoods. Palos Verdes is another community with a rustic feel to it. It is far smaller than the previous one with less than 15,000 residents. With the median home value of about $2,000,000, you can understand why it is not the most affordable place to live in. Therefore, make sure to take this into account when making your final decision. Once you have, call Bravo Moving to help you move. We are going to be waiting for your call!




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I have used Bravo Moving Services for a couple times and have had a great experience both time. They were on time, friendly, attentive, hard working and efficient. Reasonable and competitive price. They took care of my furniture and I had zero damage. I would recommend to anyone with big or small move. Great job. Thank you very very much guys!!!!
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Bravo excellent movers! Their movers performed an outstanding job; they worked really well together and were quite fast and efficient. They were both incredibly professional and courteous, and they never complained! The pricing was also quite reasonable. I was really satisfied and will absolutely use this business again! Thank you once again for a wonderful, stress-free relocation.
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Bravo Moving is a trustworthy, affordable, and professional moving company. Ali was able to answer all my question and help me make a difficult time so much easier by handling my long distance move. I highly recommend this company and my extended family will be using Bravo in the near future. Don’t waste your time with other companies, call Bravo Moving.

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