State to state moves can be a demanding and challenging job. You are expected to make many important decisions in this process, but also to invest your time and effort, to the maximum. Have you thought about whether you want to move furniture from your home this time? If you want to move furniture from state to state, in this post you will be able to find many useful tips and tricks. Also, state to state movers in California are here if you decide to leave this job to real moving experts who will move your furniture without any hassle. So, let’s see how to prepare, pack and move your furniture!

State to state move – What you can expect?

The entire flow of your state to state move will depend mostly on the distance you are moving. Also, the price of your move will depend on the same thing, as well as the time you will need for preparation and packing. If you want to move without any difficulties, our advice is to seek professional help from long distance moving companies in Southern California. In such situations, the help of moving express will be of great use.

A girl moving form state to state

State to state moving can be a big challenge for you, so, consider leaving this job to professionals.

Did you know that about 28 million people move every year in America, of which 17.29% of the moving process was from state to state? This means that about 4.8 million people in America moved from state to state. So, what to bring, and how to pack are just some of the questions that go through your mind at this moment. That’s why you should think about it carefully.

How do you move furniture from state to state?

Have you thought about whether moving furniture long distances is pay off? Some moving companies may charge their fees based on the number, quantity, and weight of your belongings. This is one of the things that you must be informed about if you decide to take this step. And now, our mini guide will show you how to move furniture over long distances.

  • Sort, declutter, and make an inventory list;
  • Get all necessary moving packing supplies;
  • Clean, disassemble and prepare for packing;
  • Storage;

This will be the entire process of preparing your furniture for the state to state moving. Follow our steps and don’t worry!

Commit to the process of pre-preparing your belongings for moving from state to state

The process of pre-preparing your furniture for a state to state move is based on sorting, decluttering, as well as listing your inventory about creating a moving inventory list. If you are wondering why you need to do so, here is the answer! Decluttering is a job that will tell you whether you need certain things or not. You can throw away old and damaged furniture, thus saving time and preparation for the move. Sorting is based on sorting things. For example, separate bulky furniture, and smaller pieces of furniture and make an order of packing.

Living room

Before you start packing, sort and declutter your furniture and thus save time and money.

While the inventory list will help you with contracting a moving company. At the same time, the list will give you a clear picture of the amount of furniture you will be moving. And based on that, you will be able to get the exact amount of moving and packing supplies you need. Also, the inventory list will be useful to you due to insurance charges if your belongings are damaged. Which is very important in port when it comes to state to state moves!

Where to get moving and packing supplies?

If you are moving from Glendale, you can always contact movers and packers Glendale CA for packing and moving supplies. They will help you choose the best quality packing material, as well as the appropriate quantity. Also, they will reveal to you some useful tips for saving money in this case. Of course, you can always get packing and moving supplies by yourself. You can use something you already have in your home and improvise. But don’t forget that adequate packaging is very important when it comes to the safety of your belongings.

The main process of preparing your furniture for moving

No, packing isn’t the main thing here! Before you get to the packing process, you have a little more work to do. After you have sorted your furniture, it would be great to clean it. You can wipe wooden surfaces with a damp cloth. While the fabric parts of the furniture can be cleaned with a deep wash. But don’t forget it takes time to dry.

Couple packing furniture for moving from state to state

Furniture that can’t be disassembled can be wrapped in bubble wrap and taped with tape. After that, the furniture is ready to move!

After drying and cleaning come the process of preparation for packing. This involves disassembling your furniture and preparing for the packing that follows immediately afterward. Bulky furniture such as wardrobes, dining tables, desks, etc. can always be disassembled. In this way, the loading itself will be simpler. After disassembly, use the packing material and carefully pack all the parts of your furniture. Bubble wrap will be of great use and you can wrap everything with them.

Why is storage a good option when moving furniture from state to state?

When it comes to a state to state move, it’s advisable to start preparing your furniture for the move to a month in advance. Also, the packed furniture can stay in storage until the final day of your move. If you want to move in first, and then, after a certain time, the furniture arrives for you, then you can store it. And then, movers in Los Angeles area will deliver your furniture to your new address. In these situations, storage is an excellent choice. Your furniture can stay in storage units as long as you need it. And also, access to your storage is easy and simple at any time.

Are you ready for the state to state moving?

So, after you read our mini guide, you will learn how state to state moving can be difficult and tedious work. And also, you will learn how to move furniture from state to state without no hassle. What is most important is that you need to be organized and follow our steps. Because only in that way you will handle this process like a pro. Also, don’t forget the importance of making a moving inventory list.



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