Are you planning a long distance move from California? Moving can be a stressful and expensive process, but with the right preparation, it can also be an exciting and rewarding experience. Before you get too far into the planning process, its important to make sure you have the essential packing list for moving long distance from California. As trusted California movers, we will provide you with all the information you need to make sure you have everything you need. From packing supplies to tools, youll find all the necessary things to make sure your move goes smoothly. Well also discuss the best way to organize and pack your belongings so that you can have them arrive safely at your new destination. With the right packing list and preparation, your move can be as stressfree and organized as possible, so lets get started!

The packing list for moving long distance from California

Packing is the most time-consuming part of any move. So, following the packing list, you won’t lose time on what to do next. That will be already set in your plan. That way, you will save up a lot of time. And, it will also help you to keep the moving stress at a minimum. So, let us see what are the points essential for every moving plan.

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Moving is an excellent opportunity to declutter.


The cross country moving companies in California are calculating the moving costs based on:

  • distance of your move
  • size of your move

While you can’t do much about the distance, you can move fewer possessions. That way your overall moving costs will be lower. Additionally, you will get rid of all surplus items. Checking your possessions, you will find many things that you haven’t used in years. Or those which are damaged, broken, or torn. You will also probably have some furniture not matching your new home. So, instead of paying for the transport of the items you won’t need, you can recycle, donate or sell them.

Start packing on time

The size of your move might be different. For example, you might be moving from a small apartment or a large family home. Accordingly, it will take you a different amount of time to pack. But, in both cases, you have to start packing on time. That way you won’t need to rush to meet the deadline. That is, you will be ready for the moving day when you agreed with your chosen out of long distance moving companies California offers.

Having enough time for packing will enable you to pack carefully. That way your possessions will be better protected. And, they will stand a better chance of safely reaching your new home. To get even more time for packing, you can start with things that you are not using often. For example, you can pack all the extra linen that you won’t need before the move.

Proper packing supplies are important for successful packing

Once you complete decluttering, you will be able to determine how many packing supplies you need. You should also know that you can get packing supplies from different sources. You can buy them. But, to make savings, you can buy already used supplies. They will be much cheaper than the new ones. You can also get them for free. For example, you can get boxes from nearby stores.

However, getting the supplies, make sure they are of good quality. They need to be enough strong to withstand long transportation. Also, make sure that they are not torn or weakened in some other way. The last thing you want is to lose or damage your possessions due to bad boxes. Moreover, due to insurance reasons, most long distance movers Los Angeles won’t even accept such boxes on the truck.

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Create a packing list for moving long distance from California.

Some of the basic supplies

The basic supplies that you will need for proper packing are:

  • moving boxes (different sizes)
  • crates for artwork
  • shrink, paper, and bubble wrap
  • packing tape and scissors
  • tick permanent marker
  • packing peanuts
  • ziplock bag
  • moving blankets
  • furniture pads

Packing the boxes – next step on the packing list for moving long distance from California

When packing items inside the boxes, make sure you do it correctly. First, wrap the items with bubble or paper wrap. Take some wrapping sheets and put them on the bottom of the moving box. also, check that the bottom of the box is taped firmly. Putting carefully wrapped items inside the box, but leaving some space between them and the upper lids. That space, as well as space between items, fill with packing peanuts. You can also use linen or towels. The aim is to fix items from shifting and bumping into one another. Once the box is ready, close it with packing tape.

Be also careful not to squeeze too many things inside. That way the box can easily break up. Or the items inside can easily brake. Also, don’t leave the box too empty. You will have to use more packing peanuts. And, you will basically pay for transporting the air.

Label each box properly

Once the box is packed, you should label it clearly. Besides writing the room from which it comes, it would be good to write its contents too. That will help you later when unpacking. Also, in the case the items are frackable, write clearly “fragile” on the box. And, you can also write “this side up.” All this will help Los Angeles County movers when packing and unpacking.

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Label each box carefully.

List of items forbidden for transportation

Before you start packing, ask your mover for the list of items forbidden for transportation. Namely, movers are forbidden, by the US Department for Transportation, to load and transport certain household goods. Besides, some companies have some additional items they won’t accept on their trucks.

Packing furniture

When it comes to packing furniture, you will have to disassemble most of it. That way is much easier to pack and move it. And, packing furniture pieces on the moving truck will be much easier. Not to tell that they would take up less space.   

Packing your possessions onto the moving truck

By seeing all the work that it has to be done, it is clear why a packing list for moving long distance from California is essential. The last thing before you are good to go is packing your possessions onto the moving truck. Basically, you will load the big and heavy items first. The lighter items you should pack last. Also, make sure to fasten the furniture pieces. Otherwise, they can easily shift in curves. Or in case of sudden breaking. That way, they can get damaged. And also damage the other pieces.



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